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  • Aoife & David Wedding Movie - Kilkenny Lyrath Estate Hotel 13'44"

  • Marina & Dimitris Wedding Trailer- Sifnos Island / Greece

  • Marina & Dimitris Highlight Film - Destination wedding in Sifnos, Greece

  • Krisz & Gábor Wedding Movie 17'01"

  • Kriszta & Gábor Highlight Movie 03'54"

  • Kriszta & Zsolt Wedding Movie 16’10”

  • Szilvia &Gábor Wedding Highlight 04'05"

  • Nóra & Gergő Wedding Highlight 08'23"

  • Orsi & Csaba Wedding Movie 15'23"

  • Orsi's Bachelorette Party 04'37"

  • Ramóna & Gábor Highlight Movie 05'05"

  • Ramóna & Gábor Wedding Movie- Prónay Castle 13'29"

  • Zsófi & Zsolt Highlight Movie 04'12"

  • Zsófi & Zsolt Wedding Movie - Lázár Equestrian Park 16'43"

  • Mariann & Tamás Highlight Movie 07'29"

  • Mariann & Tamás trailer 01'23"

  • Nadia & Alex Highlight Movie - Grand Castle, Slovakia 03'28"

  • Andrea & Péter Highlight Movie 05'35"

  • Ildi & Csabi trailer 02'43"

  • Ildi & Csabi Wedding Movie - RIVER Garden Verőce 17'33"

  • Love in Dublin _ Rita & Dusan 13'49"

  • Rita & Dusan trailer 01'37"

  • Rita & Dusan ONE LOVE Wedding Movie 20'51"

  • Rita & Dusan Highlight Movie 4'54"


The Trailer is usually released before the wedding movie on social networks. The reason for this is to draw attention to the upcoming Wedding Movie. The Trailer could be the essence of the Wedding Movie or the Highlight Movie which summarises the most appealing moments of your Bid Day in 1 – 2 minutes.

Highlight Movie

We consider the Highlight Movie to be the pearl of the wedding movies. The Highlight Movies point out your big day’s most important moments, they emphasize those in a unique way: they are emotional and moving even for those people who have never met the couple in the movie.  If there is a Highlight Movie to go with the Big Wedding Movie, the audience who has already seen it will have a great overview of the richness of the details in the latter.

Wedding Movie

The Wedding Movie or the Big Wedding Movie combined with the creative day includes all the important moments of the wedding day which could be selected by picking the right package. These movies allow for more details as they comprise more shots about the day for shorter or longer periods of time. The difference between the two movies is the creative day. The creative day is another day of shooting which can show your ordinary day with your partner (your hobby, your favorite location or even the most extreme day you’ve always dreamt about). This is not a separate movie but it rather perfectly completes the Wedding Movie, makes it more colorful so we can achieve the WOW effect with ease.

Engagement movie

The engagement movie doesn’t have to be about the engagement day only, it can show the couple’s everyday life away from their families, especially if they live in another town or country. This movie is usually recorded 2-3 month before the big day but if you would like to get recording done on your real engagement day, we can also help you with that. The movie can then be shown to the guests on the wedding day or the invitations can be done by the movie also. The options are unlimited.

Other movies

This category includes the Stag or Hen party movie, recordings of other special days if the couple would like to go for a longer movie or whatever else you have in mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas as we love creating new products and make our customers’ dreams come true!